Radio X show

Broadcast live Wednesday nights 10pm Eastern


What is Radio X?

Broadcasting live from New York, Radio X is a weekly talk/music program featuring requests, contests, and bad comedy. Random commentary is also featured on an irregular basis with ridiculous rants about God knows what including entertainment, sports, and maybe even current events.

You can hear Radio X every week live Wednesdays starting at 10pm Eastern, 7pm Pacific. But if you miss the live show, you can always catch the Radio X Recall!

So… how did it start?

JohnIn the summer of 2003, John was a part of Blogathon, to help raise money for the NMSS. Smoke was burning in the house, and he realized he had an idea. Along with a friend, he added to his element of blogging with a 24-hour radio marathon.

After having so much fun doing this, he felt the need to do more Internet radio, and as such was a part of a now-defunct Internet radio station. Hosting what was then called the “Bad Music Marathon,” John played mostly (horrible) 80s songs and had a loyal fan base. The fools.

K-IRBIn 2005, after two years, he felt that itch again to do Internet radio and as such, joined Lougan’s (back then it was called iRB Radio) with Radio X, a show about nothing.

EricaThe show slowly grew, and in February of 2006, he asked his friend Erica to hang out on the show. By hanging out, he meant be a permanent fixture to the show, but she didn’t know that at the time. She had fun, decided to stick around, and a few weeks later they were a “team.”

As time went on, the show went from two to three hours, and what started out as a rinky-dinky stupid music show evolved into a fun, entertaining, three hour live train wreck AND a weekly podcast. The growing didn’t stop there.

We were carried on another Internet station, then another, then another. The website evolved from a simple “bio” to a real, actual, website. Then there’s the MySpace page. Chenoa joining the show as a producer. We think she monitors the chat room, but other than that what she does is a mystery to all of us.

Then Erica left the show. Off to focus on her scholastics, her red mane flickered off into the sunset, leaving a void that had to be filled.

ChristieAnd filled it was, with John’s friend Christie, a pizza slut and college art major obsessed with all things Lindsay Lohan. Calling in from concerts, making plans on drinking on the air, and with the potential mud wrestling match between her and Chenoa, Christie’s really been a great addition to the show.

ChenoaBut like Erica, Christie’s time with the show came to an end. Chenoa’s role as show producer escalated (or maybe fell, depending on who you talk to) to co-host to the show. Her sarcastic banter and bitchy attitude has made things on the air interesting, to say the least.

However, even Chenoa was cursed to not be a long-standing part of the show. Once complaining about how other people should honor their commitments when they say they will do something, she too failed to do just that. Since January of 2008, Chenoa only was able to participate in three months worth of programming before finally calling it quits in July.

WhittersEnter: Whitters. Hailing from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, this robotech former-WoW lover brings a more fun, silly, sarcastic shine to the show that was missing.

She’s taken over the News Headline of the Moment (thankfully) and when she’s not dying, going to rodeos, or passed out, Whitters makes the show sound… interesting.

Throw in the regular appearances from Lyndsie with the “Hollywood Report” (when she’s not globetrotting or killing her dog), Bubbles chiming in during the “Movie Spotlight”, (if she doesn’t have problems with her computer, or computer problems, or a problem booting her computer), and that’s where we are now.

The Radio X show. Talk and rock radio never sounded so… weird.