Radio X show

Broadcast live Wednesday nights 10pm Eastern

Where is the Radio X show?

In late August, John’s computer took a big hit and it looks like there’s a hardware issue, keeping the computer the Radio X show runs broadcasting from offline.

Over the past few weeks, John has repeatedly tried everything, from updating hardware drivers to restores, and nothing seems to work.

What’s happening: The system shut off one night, and never turned back on. After a hard restart (yanking the cord out and letting it sit for a day), there would be a long beep, followed by a short beep.

That lead John to believe that the computer had a motherboard issue. But a couple days later, the system launched and everything was fine, until the computer idled. Then it froze up.

We’re still looking to make things work, but we’ve put the show on a temporary hiatus. Hopefully we’ll be able to make things work soon, but we didn’t want anyone to wonder what’s keeping us off the air.

You can follow the Facebook page to keep updated on what’s going on, or if you have any possible suggestions to what the issue is.

Thank you for your support.