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So, you want to run Radio X Show on your Internet radio station.


Seriously, we’re glad you’ve made the decision to consider us, but before we can go ahead and say “it’s great, welcome aboard, send us beer,” we need to get through a couple of preliminary things first.

  • Radio X Show (“Radio X Show”) is best described as a morning show at night. John and Whitters are the hosts. We do several different weekly segments like Story of the Week, The Hollywood Report, News Headline of the Moment, and more. We produce the show fully and broadcast live Wednesday evenings 10pm US Eastern, and it is ready for download usually by Thursday morning by 10am.
  • The format of the Radio X Show is “rock and laughs” – with our music portion of the show based on new rock, with a sprinkle of classic rock. We ask that you run the Radio X Show IN ITS ENTIRETY – which means if you play a different musical format, then you take us for what we do or you don’t air the show. You will not be permitted to remove any programming, advertising, or sponsorship from the Radio X Show we may run for that is how we plan to both continue the show and fund upgrades in technology.
  • We produce show promos for your station to promote the Radio X Show for free, all you would have to do is let us know what days and times you would carry the Radio X Show, your station name, and your tagline. We would be more than happy to do this in turn for helping us grow our syndication list.

Sounds good? Now here’s the boring, legal crap that you’ll probably be like “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz” over…

Regulations of Broadcast of affiliates of Radio X Show are as follows:

  • Files provided may not be altered without prior approval of Radio X Show.
  • All content; including but not limited to; material, interviews, expressions, sound clips, graphics, or other; used on or by Radio X Show remains intellectual property of Radio X Show and can not be rebroadcast outside of Radio X Show without prior written permission from Radio X Show.
  • Any sponsorship and/or advertising included during the Radio X Show must be aired in completion, for syndications that do not carry our advertising, fees may be incurred to the broadcaster. Special exclusions may exist for broadcasters under a “no commercials broadcasted” license such as Live365, SWcast or These broadcasters must be approved and have our written consent from Radio X Show prior to alteration of the files provided.
  • You must let us know you are syndicating Radio X Show, the times that you will be airing, and if you cancel Radio X Show immediately upon change. Any changes in the air times or cancellations must be reported within 48 hours of knowledge of air times changing.
  • Radio X Show reserves the right to publish your station and the times reported by you of your broadcast on our site without notification to you unless you provide us in writing that you wish us not to publish such information.
  • Your website must indicate that you are airing Radio X Show and when at all times. Failure to represent that you are syndicating Radio X Show and when could result in loss of affiliate status and revocation of any affiliate login and password to be able to relay and download current and future shows.
  • It is up to each affiliate to protect their username and password to any affiliate area and not provide this information to anyone for any reason. Radio X Show technical staff will never need to ask you for this information at any time for any reason.
  • All login attempts are logged in the affiliate area. Multiple logins from multiple IP’s may make a login become invalid. If this should happen, contact us via email to have your login reviewed.
  • Although it may not be verified by us, it is assumed that all syndicates carry the appropriate licensing for the music that may be contained within each show. By a station airing Radio X Show, Radio X Show is in no way to be held liable for that station lacking such licensing. Under current law, it is the station’s responsibility to carry the appropriate licensing, not the programs, and there is no way for us to verify that a station carries said licensing.
  • If you are a terrestrial radio station, we suggest you to have a 7 second delay to dump out of in case of any problems that may come up. No assumed efforts will be made to comply with FCC regulations on behalf of Radio X Show staff and crew to avoid penalties and fines from the FCC as we are recognized as an Internet radio show. Any fines and/or violations will be the responsibility of the radio station, not Radio X Show or its staff.
  • Unless out of total neglect, intentional usage of non-governmental permitted material, or other mindless act, Radio X Show, its staff, and its air talent, can not be held liable for any fines, penalties, or other levees handed down by any government agency at any time. Such complaints, issues, or investigations brought forth because of material used on Radio X Show must be forwarded to us at the earliest time available. If a syndicate is aware of; or believes that; material or expressions being used by Radio X Show that is not considered legal by any government agency, that syndicate is required to inform us immediately of their belief immediately to have it investigated and, if needed, rectified.
  • Any changes to the regulations of broadcast of Radio X Show will be posted here for review at all times. Radio X Show administration reserves the right to change the regulations of broadcast at any time, without prior notice, to protect the show affiliates and Radio X Show respectively.

Thanks for making it past the “protect everyone’s ass” part of the page. It’s long, boring, but totally necessary so everyone is on the same page.


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